Past Life Journey with Nellie Renaud C.CHt

Do you believe in past lives?

Imagine a way to very quickly allow yourself to access the knowledge that is already a part of you that has all the answers.

Nellie Renaud C.C.Ht is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Trained with Brain Weiss, at the Weiss Institute, and recently completed Dolores Canons Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique.

Renaud’s passion for past lives came from her love of history and a deeper belief that the energy from past lives can affect us in our present life. Past Life work gives us answers to our deepest questions, and a better understanding of the triggers from this life. To be able to release the old memories deep in the subconscious you will feel more energetic, clear minded and present.

Session details:

Free 20 min Consultation to discuss Past Life Therapy techniques

4 – 5 hour session $350.00

Contact Nellie Renaud – 250-650-6746