What is hypnosis?


Hypnosis is a state of deep relaxation that facilitates access to your subconscious mind. It happens in a relaxed state—something like daydreaming—when your critical faculties are suspended and you are open to suggestion. Here’s how hypnosis works.

Hypnotherapy is the transformative process of using hypnosis to help you overcome false limitations, self-defeating beliefs or other psychological impediments to a truly happy and fulfilled life.

When most people set goals, we do so at a conscious level—limiting us to less than five per cent of our full potential! Hypnosis and hypnotherapy enable you to harness the other 95 per cent and change the deeply rooted, subconscious beliefs that are holding you back.

Hypnosis allows you to discover your greatest self and improve your life. You’ll be amazed at what hypnotherapy can do for:

  • Self confidence
  • Stress
  • Fears + phobias
  • Anxiety + depression
  • Fertility + birthing
  • Bad habits
  • Weight loss
  • Relationships
  • Sport performance
  • Addictions

And much more…

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