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Local hypnotherapist teaches people to connect with their inner selves to create change…

It’s the perfect place to “invision” my life. From my seat at the Kingfisher Oceanside Resort and Spa, I can feel the warmth from the fireplace as I gaze out at the ocean lapping onto the snowy beach. But even more inspiring than the view across the ocean is the woman leading this Invision Your Life seminar—Jeannie Spencer.

Hypnotherapy isn’t about being out of control—it is about being more in control than you have ever been,” says Jeannie Spencer, who offers seminars designed to get clients to invision they lives they want to lead.

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Rekindling romance with cheap date nights.

Romance is alive and well – at least in some households. If yours isn’t one of them, don’t worry; there are plenty of ways to rekindle romance without spending a fortune.

Vancouver Island offers a beautiful backdrop for romance ad myriad opportunities for a cheap date night.


Beat Negativity with just four words Negativity and resentment can – and do – rear their ugly heads in even the most loving relationships.

Over time, and without concious awareness, this negativity can sneak through the back door of your mind and affect your overall self-perception, confidence and esteem.

Though it only takes a moment for your partner to say something hurtful, the effect of those words mulitplies every time you replay them in your mind.

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Did you find yoursef making the same New Year’s Resolutions this year as you did in previous years? Are you going dizzy on a dieting yo-yo or chewing Nicorette like it’s salt-water tffy and still reaching for the PLayeres? Or perhaps your goals are more professionally driven and you yearn to achieve more success in your job or business?

Whatever your goals, hypnotherapist Jeannie Spencer will give you the tools you need to end your battle once and for all…


Use your mind to … lose weight, rekindle relationship, find love

For many of us February is the time of year that we finally give up on our well-intentioned New Year’s resolutions. But for those who promised to lose weight, find new love or rekindle lost romance, this month could be different.

Local hypnotherapist and coach Jeannie Spencer, founder of Invision Your Life, has chosen the month of February to kick off a comprehensive series of personal development workshops in the Comox Valley.


Life coach can help with future

Whatever your vice, local hypnotherapist Jeannie Spencer promises to give you the tools you need to end your battle once and for all ….